Temp Dew Point


These slidebars work in Internet Explorer, Netscape or Mozilla. You may have to permit Script downloads in order to get any action.

Temp in Deg C = Deg F
Deg C Dew Point Temp = Deg F
Relative Humidity 0 to 100
Saturation Pressure at temp in Torr = Vapor Pressure
Saturation Pressure at Dew Point in Torr = Vapor Pressure
Mouse X
Mouse Y

Put in Temp Value (deg C) and click the Button
= (Torr) Vapor Pressure from Box Above
= (Pascals)
= (m-bar)

Drag the slidebars a little slowly. If you get a circle with an X through it when trying to move the slide, double click on the slidebar and it will cure itself.

Calculation of Vapor Pressure over Ice or Water (Temperature Dependent).
Dew Point below zero degrees C is a frost point.
Relative Humidity is also available.